Our Manufacturing

Jewel Star has developed an exceptionally progressed and well-prepared infrastructure unit. Our manufacturing unit is furnished with all the necessary machines and instruments. The laser cutting and polishing machines are of the latest standards that comply with present-day requirements. Which includes: - Sarin Galaxy machine, laser machines like Spectra, Greenwave, and Super 9, Fancy and round 4P machines, more than 200 Sarin advisors, Auto Diamond Cutter, Vision 360 video and a brilliantly well maintained software which handles all the backhand work for the transactions and reports. Additionally, we have employed a group of qualified experts to deal with all our business activities. We have hired our group of professionals after evaluating their past working experience and vast knowledge. We can convey the products on time and with security at the client property with the assistance of our all-around connected distributing organization.

Jewel Star is a business built around the needs of our customers. In fact, we have even adapted our manufacturing approach over the years to better serve the needs of our customers.

  • Our Shapes line up like Round Brilliant, Cushion Modified, Princess Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, L. Radiant, Sq. Emerald, Taper Baguette and Round single cut diamonds.
  • Our production ranges from (-2 sieve sizes up to 10 ct+ far sizes) from Brilliant Rounds to a wide variety of fancy shape diamonds.
  • Our manufacturing focusses from better quality goods of Flawless to I1-2. Colors are mainly D to M.
  • Our profound cuts are with ideal parameters with excellent symmetry and polishing.

More than 90% of our total production consists of Excellent Cut Diamonds. Our buyers have the satisfaction of purchasing high quality diamond, certified diamond goods.

We ensure high standards in Cut, Polish, Symmetry giving our stones consistently high level of brilliance.

Jewel Star has their diamonds certified by reputable, third-party, gemology laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Hoge Raadvoor Diamant (HRD) assuring international standards are relied upon by all traders, retailers and consumers. Working with these labs along with our own skill implies we can get most of our worth, excellence and brightness out of a diamond. Right through the production cycle from planning to polishing, the degree of detail required is of phenomenal significance for the distinction between an excellent and splendid diamond contrasted with a dead stone.



Diamond is a mysterious soul in itself. Rough diamonds have their way of gaining attention. At Jewel Star we receive parcels from our trusted and reputable suppliers. The process of sorting starts from breaking down large parcels and separating them according to their sizes. Each diamond is weighed and examined by our expert assorters. According to their previous experience they estimate the polish size, shape, purity, color, cut, fluorescence and then with that information evaluate the price of that particular diamond. The main objective of this process is to approximate the potential yield from a rough diamond. The diamonds are then diversified into separate packets with their unique bar-code which help trace us them whenever needed. These packets are then given over to the planning department for further in detail arrangements.



Rough planning is a complex and vital part of the process of creating and manufacturing polished diamonds. The work begins by considering what will emerge from the rough diamond. Detailed X-Ray models of each diamonds enable us to consider the possibilities of polishing the rough into one gem of maximum size or cutting it into several gems that are smaller in size, but offer greater quality and overall value. The planner is the architect of the diamond and will consider numerous alternatives of what shapes could result, what colours may permeate the diamond and where minor impurities might be retained or removed. Part of this process is pay attention to the market and understanding how the finished product might fulfil a current demand, and part is considering the diamond itself and sensing what it wants to become.

Sawing \ Cleaving


Diamond sawing is a revolutionary process which allowed the division of single rough diamond crystals into numerous diamonds. After planning, we at Jewel Star according to the marker’s vision through Sarin technological advancements ‘saw’ the rough diamonds with the help of laser, which is a precise and silent way of piercing through the stone with minimum weight loss. This allows planners total freedom to plan and cut. This process needs a lot of operational skills to look in the tension of the diamond which is its vulnerability and then cut accordingly. Our artisans continuously research and look into new methods for efficient and safe sawing.



Shaping is the process of molding the shape of a diamond. According to the shape finalized during the makeable part of planning we sculpt the diamond using a laser technology. These laser machines can scrape whichever part of diamond you desire or can brut all in one process. Modern computer software automatically measures the parameters of each diamond then according to the proportions set by the bruter, rounds it within a tenth of a millimeter. Another method includes bruting by the use of a motorized ceramic wheel consisting of diamond grit impregnated disks which gently brushes the rough diamond and removes the unwanted part of the diamond to delicately smooth the edges to the finalized shape. Jewel Star Bruting includes 4P and fancy shape laser bruting. The main advantage here is that the final shape is symmetrical and exactly as planned by the bruter or marker.



Diamond’s journey in this process involves many individual steps which lead to make a sparkling gem. Jewel Star’s main advantage in polishing a diamond is that every single stone is invested to one artisan for all the polishing aspects. The steps include, blocking the pavilion, girdle and crown in their basic shapes then polishing individual facets to precise angles and proportions which will reflect brilliant light from face up. These steps need extremely precise measurements to make a defining cut. 90% of our diamonds are made in excellent cut. Typically, after the diamond is cut and faceted, it is polished to bring out the shine and smooth finish of the diamond. Polish can affect the diamond’s sparkle if not done well.



Jewel Star’s professional graders assess the diamonds with the use of four important factors to describe and classify diamonds: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight and subfactors which include Fluorescence, Inclusions, Measurements and Heart & Arrow. They examine each unique characteristic with reference to the master stones. Our grading expresses everything we see when we set our specialist eyes on a diamond and ensure our clients know, in-depth, exactly what they are purchasing, even if they are not holding the diamond in their hands. This helps buyers understand the value of a diamond by clearly showing the size and proximity of every inclusion. This process defines the transparency of a diamond that provides its optimum value for us and also the end user.

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