It is rightly said that the start of great things are marked with small consistent steps. This couldn't have been more apt for us when we started off in 1968 as a small operation, in Bhavnagar.

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  • Vision

    To provide the sustainable, ethical, and best quality diamonds and building one of the biggest distribution networks.


    To build trust by catering every customer’s demand and helping them find their true diamonds though transparent production process and fair trade.


    ● Environment Sustainability

    ● Equality

    ● Ethical Governance

    ● Innovation

    ● Transparency

    ● Teamwork and Trust


In the present time you can easily secure everything on the web. Diamonds are known to be a symbol of class. To purchase diamonds is an investment for the long run, in this manner the buying ought to be exactly well explored before putting hands on them to get the most ideal deal possible. These astounding and immortal gems are the ideal pieces to elevate beauty.

Your experience will be seamless on the exclusive 'Jewel Star' website and the application on both Apple & Android. Where you can search and find our stones with minimum hassle and 100% satisfaction.


SQ Emerald
CU Brilliant
CU Plasma
L Radiant
Heart Shape

Jewel Star's professional graders assess the diamonds with the use of four important factors to describe and classify diamonds: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight and subfactors which include Fluorescence, Inclusions, Measurements and Heart&Arrow. They examine each unique characteristic with reference to the master stones.

Our grading expresses everything we see when we set our specialist eyes on a diamond and ensure our clients know, in-depth, exactly what they are purchasing, even if they are not holding the diamond in their hands. This helps buyers understand the value of a diamond by clearly showing the size and proximity of every inclusion. This process defines the transparency of a diamond that provides its optimum value for us and also the end user.

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Offer At Your Price (OAYP)

Our Diamonds, Your Price

Jewel Star understands the interest of their users and we compel to trade at a price which fascinates their needs. Our new feature 'Offer At Your Price (OAYP)' helps buyers put in their bids on the 'Discount Tagged' stones and offer us a reasonable price to do business.

This is a proficiently working system and an enthusiastic effort towards the diamond trade in the form of 'OAYP'. In this feature, we concentrate exclusively on selling quality diamonds online by making use of the exclusive internet offered tools helping the purchase even simpler than before.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Manufacturing unit