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About US
We (Koshiyas) entered the diamond business in the 1968 as a small operation, which undertook job work of cutting and polishing diamonds for other diamond merchants. Rajabhai – the scion of the family – took the first step. He set up the family’s first unit with a couple of single-cut machines and a score of people.

A few years down the line, in the 1970, his brother, Mavjibhai Joined him and soon the business flourished. Although the younger brother, Mavjibhai’s vision brought the lustre and shine into Jewel Star and its subsidiaries.

Be it ushering in the latest technology, moving out of Bhavnagar first and then surging forth into the world’s diamond markets especially the big ones like the U.S.A., Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Belgium and the Netherlands, the stamp of Mavjibhai is as evident as ice in the Arctic.

Besides his keen eye for the brightest of all precious stones, Mavjibhai is a keen social worker and philanthropist. His contribution to the welfare of Bhavnagar and its environs is well known indeed.

Our Vision
Jewel Star will expand its efforts to grow profitably by meeting customer needs today and in the future by continuing to build partnerships based on trust, and by establishing direct relationships with our customers. Our main aim is "Building a world-class diamond group".